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Franciacorta: Sparkling by vocation

Franciacorta is one of the most prestigious areas of Italian wine and is the place of sparkling by vocation. It is located right in the center of Lombardy and bordered by precise natural edges. Lake Iseo to the north and clockwise, the municipality of Brescia, Monte Orfano, and the Oglio river separates it from Bergamo’s province.

Franciacorta offers an exciting point of view climatic and soil characteristics of a territory and the human factor in that same environment. Franciacorta professionals perceive the potential of the area more or less at the beginning of the 90s. And decree that it would become the “best sparkling wine Classic Method in Italy and beyond, the most prestigious, the noblest, and the most appreciated worldwide. And the beauty is that they succeed in their goal. The 1995 vintage will be the first to appear globally under the Franciacorta docg appellation.


The Franciacorta vines are the great international ones: Chardonnay, Pinot Nero, and Pinot Bianco. Erbamat, the unique local one, has recently been added. The best-known styles of Franciacorta docg are Saten, a local name to define the Blanc de Blancs, and Rosé, where Pinot Noir represents the color.

The Wine Walking Tour winds its way through the northern area of the territory. It runs through historical and natural places, and at the end, it reaches the lake. A tour guide will provide detailed information on the history of Franciacorta, and we will discover that the “link” with France is anything but casual.




The excursion begins in the town of Provaglio d’Iseo at the Monastery of San Pietro in Lamosa. This cult place has a very ancient origin. It is based, as often happens, on the foundations of an ancient pagan temple. Over the centuries, the church has had a very peculiar architectural development that accompanies the history of Christianity in Europe. From here, the excursion winds through the Sebino peat bog. The peat bog is a nature reserve established thanks to the European Habitat 2000. This legislation protects a unique natural environment while respecting the local flora and fauna. At the exit of the peat bog, the excursion resumes in the winery’s direction—a light lunch follows the winery’s visit. The itinerary is approx. 4 km and lasts 4 hours max, including tasting. It is a route suitable for anyone in good health. It is not ideal for strollers.


Wine Tasting

The excursion includes tasting in a Franciacorta winery. It consists of the tasting of three Franciacorta docg wines. The tasting then continues at the restaurant. You taste the Franciacorta docg paired with local food in a light lunch. The earth’s products always tell stories of nature and people who have cared for them for centuries. A wine expert has designed and guided the experience in Franciacorta.
Suppose you love the outdoors activities and want to experience a different wine tourism option, in addition to the usual visit to the cellar.


This experience will allow you to know a territory in its deepest roots. If you already know Franciacorta or want to know the walking experiences in other Italian wine destinations, click here: Wine Tours


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