My Story

I’m Patrizia Marazzi, I live on the western shore of Lake Garda in Lombardy and I deal with wine export and tourism. With people I prefer to patiently build deep bonds that last over time as happens with a tasting that must be undertaken slowly in order to discover an unknown nuance every time.

My skills and experience are now at the service of the wine lover or wine tourist. The intent is to communicate the wine through the connection with the production area. Knowing the environment where a wine comes from helps to understand its character and style and makes the tasting experience more rewarding.

The path backwards ...


Wset Training

I passed the 3rd Wset level; professional career in the world of wine, focused on the different aspects of the wine industry in the world. It gave me a point of view on Italy from visitors and importers and to imagine new experiences to offer.



In 2007 I became a sommelier. Although it fascinated me a lot, understanding the world of wine was not easy.


Wine Export Manager

The collaboration with an important Spanish company for large volumes begins, which continues until 2018; Development of several markets in Germany, Russia and Southeast Asia.


The wine

Ho iniziato a lavorare con il vino per caso a Moniga del Garda. Mi venne proposto di raccontare il vino agli ospiti in vacanza sul Lago di Garda. Richiesta insolita per il periodo, dato che nel 1998 nessuno parlava  di enoturismo, né di storytelling e la degustazione era una rapida presentazione al banco con accompagnamento di pane e olio extravergine di oliva del territorio. 

I love nature, outdoor life, alpine landscapes and uncrowded places.

my origins

I had a childhood and adolescence that cultivated in me an urban, formative dimension in the center of Milan, and a second summer in the countryside made up of walks in the open air, bike rides in the flat Po Valley of the upper Mantua area, vegetable gardens irrigate, fields scented with melons and poppies to amaze us among the ears of wheat. I began my education in a business-oriented foreign language high school and finished with a tour operator diploma. Subsequently completed in the German language diploma for foreigners. The first work experience began with an editor of magazines specialized in fashion and costume trends to gradually advance in the world of communication agencies, still in the world of clothes by famous designers.

They were very stimulating years in which I practiced foreign languages ​​very little, but I learned the notions of layout, printing, advertising media planning. After about ten years of work in advertising, the need to have lawns, fields and greenery around has become a priority. Leaving the countryside and returning to Milan at the end of the weekends was becoming increasingly difficult. The big city had begun to hold me tight and I felt more and more at ease in the dimension surrounded by greenery, expanses of crops and sparsely built spaces. At that point I left the metropolis and moved to Lake Garda, with the aim of working in tourism, thanks to my knowledge of languages. Even today I don’t disdain the city, but after about half a day I have to recharge my batteries in the greenery.