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Vineyard Training Marketing training for wine or tourist operators on wine, territory, and designation of origin. All the must know to be able to respond with awareness to the questions of wine tourists. wine marketing & know-how Show more s Eventi Aziendali - wine specialist Business Events Organization and management of corporate events, team building and incentives approaching and experiencing the world of wine and its territory of origin. team building & incentive

Business Marketing Training

Expertise at the service of wine

Export and tourism are my focus. The world of wine and the world of tourism lived until a few years ago in absolutely separate areas, which by chance touched each other in the restaurant. At present, everything has changed. Several studies show that the export of wine and the desire to discover new territories support each other in a virtuous loop. This circular action supports the satisfaction of travelers and the economy of the producing countries. In this renewed context as wine export manager, I am on the producer side to identify the most suitable outlet markets for precise positioning and pursue common sales objectives together with the company. Likewise, they are a support for the importer looking for products and companies for their reference market.

For the wine tourism world, I am a wine local guide. I take travelers to the wine regions, back to the “origin” of Italian wines along the centuries. I design original itineraries in Lugana and Valtenesi regions. And the most famousFranciacorta and Valpolicella regions to make the traveler enjoy the most authentic and “local” aspects of any designations of origin. Tasting is always the final experience. I suggest completing the tasting in the restaurant pairing each course to the correct wines when travelers are real gourmets. As a wine specialist, I use my expertise and sensitivity to advise operators and wine lovers about wines, wineries, destinations, experiences according to their tastes and expectations.

The Services

The added value of a wine is built with competence and professionalism. Wine promotion and export activities often require professional support in approaching the public and the target market. Below I list the services I make available to the wine sector.
Export for wine companies
  • strategic approach to the export world based on the company
  • sales marketing aimed at export together with a team of reference professionals
  • export management for business networks of different denominations in a single project
  • tailor-made events to share for multiple companies
Support to importers
  • research and selection of wines and producers by denomination, market positioning, packaging, etc.
  • “Hidden gems”: what are they? Where am I?
  • online presentations and tastings on specific topics relating to Italian wine and territories
Business events
  • organization of the event oriented to a territory or a type of wine
  • selection of the location (s) from the cellar to the restaurant
  • accompaniment and assistance to the group on site
  • management of team building or incentive events
Export events
  • promotion of wine export events
  • organization and assistance for participation in trade fairs
Tour operators offer
  • promotion of the wine destination
  • creation of networks of local operators
  • wine tourism promotion and marketing with a focus on the destination
  • Accompaniment of groups or individuals by bus or on foot
  • creation of itineraries and experiences about the wine designation (PDO)

Cases and success histories

I do not produce wine, but I do many other activities with and for wine: I sell, present, promote, explain, tell it. Many more tour operators know that wine is part of the wonders of Italy. They are often hidden or little perceived. I help you to discover the best experience.

A kind lady contacts me in the middle of summer and asks me for help. She rents luxury holiday homes. She needs to purchase wines for the customers, who will spend their holidays on the lake for a few weeks. Aware of the extraordinary variety of territories and wines available around Lake Garda. I formulate a wine assortment almost at zero km, however complete and exhaustive of the local excellences. Spumante Metodo Classico in Franciacorta, whites still wines in Lugana, red wines in Valpolicella, rosé wines in Valtenesi aka Riviera del Garda Classico. A few steps to a “local” yet complete wine list. All the wineries are open to visits, and you can purchase cellar-door.

A Japanese company searches for an Italian company to introduce to their country. It tells me the characteristics and the value to be transmitted. I formulate an export strategy for the winery which matches the import partner. IA thousand-year wine history in Italy is a strong point, but this is not enough. A winery that targets foreign markets must be dynamic, motivated, and motivating for its business partners. It must transmit its link with the territory and at the same time be strongly oriented towards innovation, new languages, and new consumer targets. In our time, the importer is a trading partner, and partners draw together all long-term market prospects.

For our culture, the first miracle of Jesus Christ is the wedding at Cana. And that tells us the importance of wine for a wedding banquet. Little by little, the bride and the groom are becoming more attentive and sensitive to every detail of their marriage, realizing how important the choice of wine is for their banquet and not only. Many of them choose to offer as presents a particular bottle of wine together with the traditional confetti. Finally, in case of having foreign guests among the guests, I propose to them the visit with tasting to a winery of the region. For all these choices, I am happy to offer my expertise. I believe the wine selection of a wedding must be as accurate and aware as all the other details of an unforgettable day.

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