My idea of wine experience

The visit to the cellar is enjoying great success in our days. The credit cannot be only for the liquid contained in the individual bottles. Wine experience becomes the tool to discover the world of wine.

Why do we visit wineries? Perhaps to taste a new wine and buy bottles in the place they are bottled. Or the seduction of wooden barrels, probably steel tanks are not that attractive, but it cannot be just this. There are other, faster ways to get a bottle on your table. So the real question becomes, is wine the goal or the mean? I am in favor of the second hypothesis. Wine is the most powerful way to mix nature, traditions, and history in a unique product.
And it offers you great pleasure while tasting with your best friends.


I take the travelers by the hand and accompany them to discover the destination Lake Garda and beyond. By the walking tour, we dive into the territory of vineyards, slopes, breathtaking views until you arrive at the winery for the break. It is an experience of space, present and past time lived together.


I suggest three destinations for a full-day wine experience: Franciacorta, Valpolicella, Lugana. This wine experience suits gourmets and fans of the Italian lifestyle. It begins with a visit to the cellar with tasting, later followed by a lunch in a typical restaurant: every course paired to its suitable wine. It is a real “full immersion” of taste. Before the return, a visit to a natural or historical place of great importance and meaning for local people completes the experience.

Traditional wine experience or walking wine tour become an experience to be done together with wine, or rather thanks to wine.
It is a complete sensory experience, which excites all your senses. And beyond the nose and the palate.

Authenticity is what everyone declares to look for when thinking about a food and wine experience.

sostenibilità - enoesperienza - valori

Limit waste and have responsible attitudes by moving in nature and open spaces. The most rewarding experiences are often in tune with this sensibility.

Benessere - valore - enoesperienza
well being

A 'slow-release' well-being: the state of positivity and pleasure they bring lasts even in the following days and stimulates the desire to participate again.

edutainment - valore - enoesperienza

Learning something new about the wine world while having fun. I am always happy if people can receive some new knowledge and awareness.

compagnia - valori - enoesperienza

A walking tour in the vineyards is an opportunity to stay with friends, celebrate, or share values and experiences. An important value.

My values

what a wine experience conveys

A walking wine experience is a walking tour of body and soul through the vineyards to learn about the environment and the vine life cycle. The tasting is the moment to end the experience through the celebration of aromas and flavors.

Walking allows us to instantly indulge every sensory stimulus, such as a perfume or a hum. It offers you the time to look around without haste or frenzy, with the only aim of dedicating yourself to grasping every detail.

Walking is the journey, not the destination!

walking tours


Ad hoc Inspirations

wine experience as a service

Team Building

Making wine is a team effort technically defined as a wine ecosystem. It concerns the vine growing in the countryside and later in the activity in the cellar. If this reading of the world and nature meets your idea of motivation to teamwork, let’s talk about it to give substance to a team-building project.

Wedding Planner

The tasting walking tour can be a pleasant entertainment for guests of a wedding on Lake Garda, before “the big day” A local experience, in contact with nature, is the best way to spend the free time.


An exploration of the hidden territory. A walking tour among the olive groves and vineyards to find the testimonies of the Middle Age. It is the activity I propose to guests staying in Valtenesi for their holidays by the lake. The experience always contemplates a relaxing wine tasting in one of our farms together with the wine and oil producers.

Wine companies

I collaborate with several wine companies in Valtenesi and on Lake Garda for the design of wine experiences. If your company is open to offering food and wine experiences to guests, let’s get to know each other and see what we can build together.

Tour operators and Hotels
  • wine local guide service for tour operators and hotels guests: experiences, tours, tastings
  • tailor made wine tour and experiences
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