Italian Method sparkling wine is national pride

Italian Method Sparkling Wine is national pride

“Italian method” Sparkling wine is national pride. It is the definition that the world recognizes for sparkling wine refermented in the tank. A real tricolor pride including a well-known denomination and many other wines less known, but excellent and pleasant. In Italian, we finally attribute the authorship of the method to its authentic inventor with the definition Italian Method.

More and more operators in the world recognize the quality of sparkling wines deriving from the method. And more and more Italian operators find it correct, also out of pride of belonging, to use the correct definition to restore the truth.

“Italian Method” sparkling wine is a synthesis in quality of experience, technology, and grape variety, interpreted by the Italian taste.

Great inventors…

People say Italians are creative people. The isolation of the pandemics has limited them to travel. But brains and hearts have always been in action. Therefore I expect some surprises quickly. This genetic propensity is nothing new: the mania for quality, the aesthetic need, and the creative flair constantly push towards new solutions, “Martinotti Method” interpreted this synthesis well.

The invention of the method is due to Federico Martinotti (1860-1924), director of the Experimental Institute for Enology in Asti. In 1895, he was the first to understand the potential of the technology deriving from the second industrial revolution and decided to apply it to the production of wine. Specifically, he decided to try to translate into the industrial chain wines that had always and only been obtained handmade with the refermentation in the bottle.

It is a radical turning point in terms of production times and costs, but not only. It is the discovery of the method that enhances and enhances the characteristics of the aromatic grape varieties. The aromatic grape varieties are widespread in northern Italy. That means the part of the country that traditionally appreciates sparkling wines.

The second fermentation in the tank takes place in a maximum of 15-20 days. The limited contact of the basic wine with the yeasts allows them to create the gentle foam without interacting too much with the original fruit hints.

… less effective in organizing resources

Around 1910 Eugène Charmat in France takes up this intuition. He builds the first plant and patents it, thus giving notoriety to the method. More than 100 years have passed this story is now acquired in the world of wine. However, in common parlance, the habit of defining the Martinotti Method process as a tribute to its inventor is not yet taken for granted. Wine lovers discover it by chance. And the class about the methods of refermentation in the bottle or the tank still ignore this story. Martinotti Method or Italian Method is associated with typical Italian sparkling wines for the olfactory characteristics deriving from the variety, such as Lambrusco, Prosecco, Moscato, and Malvasia. These wines have become extremely popular around the world thanks to their pleasantness and informal approach. They are very fragrant, served fresh like a drink, effervescent, and dynamize the content of the glass.

National pride are also the equipment

The technology applied to the wine industry has a long tradition in Italy. The Made in Italy pieces of equipment for the wine industry are exported all over the world. They are considered the most reliable and with the best value for money. The subject is not as fascinating as wine, but the level of performance of the technologies developed in Italy is a source of pride and turnover.

Italian Method Sparkling Wine is national pride: pop bubbles for all tastes

Italian Method sparkling wines are perfect for their audience: young, informal, with a great desire to transform every moment into a memorable event. This wine does not seek the overly demanding consumer but rather widespread appreciation. And its moment of consumption is not meditation but immediacy. In this sense, it interprets a bit the character of the Italians wanting to be loved by everyone. And often, they succeed.

For those who appreciate the varieties enhanced by the Italian Method, there are many nuances to discover. Only behind the definition Lambrusco, there are various types and as many designations of origin and behind the generic Moscato another collection of styles alongside the well-known Asti.

If we think of the undisputed prestige enjoyed by the Traditional Method, the wines produced with the Martinotti Method are revolutionary. Immediate, appreciated by consumers, with excellent value for money. The Martinotti method sparkling wine is a point of national pride.

The hope for the future

This European history is similar to many others: Christopher Columbus
wanted to sail to the west and found support from the Spanish kingdom. Antonio Meucci invented the telephone, but only Graham Bell could patent it later.

As if to say, good at creating, a little less at recognizing talent. The hope is that the current speed of sharing knowledge and the open attitude of the younger generations bring the necessary change to fill this gap.



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