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An inclusive experience to break the golf holiday routine has become an intriguing itinerary open to visitors who expect to get to know a new area and those who believe they already know everything about the lake and would not disdain to be surprised. With some slight variations, the itinerary is practicable all year round.


The organization of the day has been planned together with Italy4Golf. Since 2018 they have developed the perfect organization for the ideal golf holiday in our country, mixing golf courses and the Italian lifestyle. The organization’s goal wants the guests can experience their favorite entertainment on the different courts of a well-known but always surprising territory. At the same time, players will explore and enjoy our lands the ways we do. I am honored to be part of the project for the Lake Garda and Franciacorta area.

Today we take advantage of the visit of a golf ambassador from the United Kingdom to explore the area with an off-the-beaten-path.


Around 10.00 in the morning, the exploration starts calmly from the Chervò Golf Hotel San Vigilio in Pozzolengo, south of Lake Garda. Prestigious accommodation in a spacious and quiet, well-kept environment where everyone feels at ease, even in the privilege of doing nothing and staying relaxed to tan in the pleasant mid-May sun.

The beautiful electric minivan made available by Garda Uno in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz awaits us. The vehicle is quiet and extremely spacious. It comfortably accommodates up to nine people, including the driver. The company offers the car to guests under a car-sharing formula, and anyone can request it from the link above. We like to be sustainable and are happy to include our guests in our choices.


The first stop of our day is the city of Salò in its gulf. A light breeze ripples the lake and makes the summer temperature of this mid-May bearable, which heralds a sweltering summer. The lake, the Venetian influence on architecture, and the last century’s history are some of the lives to be discovered in a city. Salò is refreshing its image, thanks to the opening of various new businesses.

Soon it’s time to take a break. The proximity of the hills of Valtenesi offers us the opportunity to leave the lake and find refuge in the shade of the cellar. Surrounded by a quiet and peaceful countryside among vineyards and olive trees, we sense the presence of wines and delicious products to taste in a timeless landscape. The winery which hosts us is an innovative welcoming space of a historic winery in the area.


New energies and intuitions fit into the landscape with a mix of innovation and tradition far beyond stale descriptions. The welcome in the Conti Thun tasting space is impeccable. The wines reveal the soft character of the landscape: from the more informal pink bubbles of the Martinotti Method to the Chiaretto, the soul of the designation of origin. Pink wines in any style look at the international trend. Still, the winery does not forget that many European consumers relate our country to red wines.

The break includes a selection of local cold cuts and cheeses, a salad of cereals, a delicious cheesecake, numerous toasts to health, golf, Italy, and all the auspices of these moments to repeat the experience as soon as possible.

Have you ever noticed that the time spent in the cellar has a different dimension? Bacchus is always an excellent host. Everyone feels good, and the minutes pass quickly: when you look at the clock, you realize that it is time to leave for the next stage, this time cultural.


Lake Garda is hypnotic. Those who know the area know that visitors are fascinated and continually dragged towards the shore, contemplating the blue sky reflected in the water. It takes years and curiosity to look beyond and be conquered by other attractions, in this case by humans, both in production and conservation.

The Martes Museum is undoubtedly one of the most recent examples. It opened its doors in 2018, then the pandemic took its part and is still little known to the general public. However, the summer of 2022 provides intense and multicultural programming that will undoubtedly be fascinating. People who already know it and those who approach it for the first time will enjoy the halls, spaces, and shows in a beautiful and surprising setting.

The permanent collection is made up of the legacy of the private collection of the entrepreneur Luciano Sorlini and can be visited every day. Temporary exhibitions follow one another periodically, offering art with uncommon messages.


We cannot say that we have been to the lake if we have not had the opportunity to navigate it. And our guests cannot leave without having enjoyed this privilege, too. We embark on a small cruise departing from the port of Sirmione that takes us on a visit to the most famous destination on Lake Garda as seen from the water.

The castle, the ancient baths, and the Roman villa at the end of the peninsula: everything in Sirmione is extraordinary. Even the submerged thermal spring you notice from the bubbles, which undaunted have reached the surface without stopping for centuries.

Off the motorboat, you cannot miss a well-deserved break with a cold beer in one of the world’s most popular and photographed squares.


It’s dinner time. The exploration changes the plan and moves to the table to find a proposal of flavors and combinations in an informal key. The restaurant by the lake that hosts us at sunset allows us one last lake on a peaceful lake. Can we get the guests to leave without a round of Italian pizza? And here is the gourmet version with the selection of the best local ingredients.

Our host loves wine. And two-thirds of the world’s wine is red. Can red wine be served with gourmet pizza? We don’t like dogmas, and we appreciate counter-current choices. Can we believe that there is not a red that goes perfectly with our “wonder” pizza among the wines of Lake Garda? We find it in the Riviera del Garda Classico doc Groppello of the Cantrina winery: organic, 2018. The wine is perfect for first courses and informal and quality cuisine. It perfectly pairs the ingredients of a tasty territory that never exceeds in flavors, precisely like its landscape.

Do you want not to give yourself a prize after a day like this? An excellent ice cream suits us just fine.

It’s time to leave. All these toasts are starting to release a relaxing effect. I promised our guest that I would let him find at least one new different experience every time he wanted to come back. There is always something new to discover in a territory where, if you want, you will never get bored.

We will replicate it soon.


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