Bacchus and me

Bacchus and me: after so many years, it is a proven partnership, a lifestyle, an original look at the world.

The basic idea… 

The idea of ​​moving from the big city to a greener and closer to nature dimension of life belonged to me from childhood. I was a child raised halfway between my grandparents’ farm, with large open spaces. On the other side, I could enjoy the big city of small spaces. And many options that only Milan could offer in the 1970s. Walks in the countryside, where the view extends beyond the horizon, are still the closest memory to the idea of ​​happiness, imprinted in my mind.

… and the beginnings

Leaving the big city around my 30th birthday marked the rest of history: a new page, another life, other friends, new choices. I was in a moment of a professional break when a winery offered me the to collaborate in the local wine shop for the summer. We were at the end of the 90s. The wine venues were moving to new spaces to welcome wine-lovers. The old dark smoky tavern of my childhood memories had definitively disappeared. Wine became fancy, once again.

From retail to export

The wine shop had a specific goal: transform the outlet of the local wine cooperative into a welcoming place, open to tasting and sales. At that time, it was a new concept for wine lovers, who had no tasting rooms to choose their favorite nectars. Its location on a major road and the view of Lake Garda made it an immediate success. As a consequence, I began to understand that I was not dealing with a standard product. But at first, it was just an intuition. He is silent and patient; he measures the times in years.

Selling wine for export became my profession later, thanks to the courses I attended and to the practice in the cellar for export and consumers. Over time, I realized that it was very different from any other commercial product. By attending wine fairs in various places in Europe and around the world, I realized that the drink owned an autonomous power. Not surprisingly, he had inspired mythology, literature, and art over the centuries.

A star…

Working with wine export made me meet lots of importers from any corner of the world. I was fascinated by its ability to be appreciated everywhere in the world. Incredibly, people who did not have a tradition with production and consumption like the Orientals appeared stunned while listening about origin and techniques. Thanks to him, I met places I didn’t know existed and people with the strangest languages ​​and lifestyles. Maybe, have you ever heard about a place named Dominica? That was a discovery I owe to Bacchus.

… who increases his followers every day

He loves people talking about him and taking part in competitions all over the world. Therefore, he adapts to every human profile and makes himself loved by everyone (sometimes even too much!) Not to disappoint anyone, he fits all budgets and is definitively a democratic type. For a long time, people considered it as a drink “for men” mainly. Of course, as per his style, he recently denied even this latest prejudice. Statistics confirm that more and more women are conscious consumers and decide their wine purchases. Finally, they free themselves from “My husband/partner/brother will take care of wine!” that has accompanied them over the decades.


People don’t choose to work with wine. By chance, you get an opportunity, and you take it. People working with wine hardly ever leave the sector to devote themselves to something else. A kind of unwritten “pact” seals the collaboration over the years, and you feel tied in that pact. Over time I concluded that I was not working with a ‘product’, but a superpower. In fact, on the opposite, he engaged me to promote his culture and public relations objectives. He inspires both professionals and wine-lovers, who more and more want to know, try and change their favorite beverages for wine. “Bacchus and me” is a collaboration that develops over time.


The same happens for many other people, and it doesn’t matter to be producers. He will find a way to use your availability and skills for the most appropriate target. It is a story going on for centuries. Artists had often designed him as a mythological figure. In our time, his image is less poetic. It has been replaced by more or less attractive packaging and labels, ending up making him a bit trivial. But he is recovering its dignity by bringing people back to the cellar and the countryside. He loves authentic people and wants them to breathe and enjoy the scent in the original places of fermentation or refinement.

For sure it will soon have new surprises in store-


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