Something authentic

Translated into everyday reality and into the project I am offering to wine tourists, this trend immediately met my enthusiasm, however after some time I started to “mature” doubts, the fiercest is “how is it possible to coexist authenticity and WOW effect in a single experience? “I have the feeling that these years are overwhelming us in a series of often opposite stimuli. Thanks to social networks we can increasingly focus our attention mainly on issues and people which are very interesting to us, but I wonder “how long do the virtual magnets of our interests allow us to keep our ability to be amazed? And above all: how much and what continues to leave us staring, even after a long frequentation? ”
Of course I do not have answers for everyone, but I tried to put two passions together, authentically authentic (can we say?) which, in my opinion, allow you to rely on and forget mobile phones and navigation tools, for a few hours. In this experience you navigate at sight or even better, we proceed on foot, slowly, together with other people, taking the time and the willingness to rely on others, to share an experience far away in time, but as authentic as the land that hosts us. Going on foot, taking the time you need is a privilege that none of us can afford anymore and we realize it when we walk along a path, unexplored for years, close enough to our homes. How is it possible that we no longer know the space, even a few miles from home?
So, let’s try to take advantage of our vacation to make authentic experiences, ingredients are the earth and our body, the experience is given by the observation of actions that we spontaneously perform automatically, but that we don’t almost do  … such as walking in nature, smelling the air or being hit by an odor or a scent … perceiving the warm temperature on the skin and the air in partly sunny and partly in shaded paths … observe the spaces around, the flowers, the colours, the crops, have you ever thought about the impression that makes you a new space on the first day of vacation compared to the following ones? And when does the experience become tiring? Can we still stand the climbs? Is the climate too hot? Are we thirsty, tired?

Maybe when we get to the top of the hill we won’t have the perfect makeup for the selfie and maybe we won’t display a “wow” effect; are we willing to take the risk? The goals of my wine experience provide rewarding rewards: exclusive landscapes, natural decorations on shades of green such as lawns, trees and vineyards, all authentic, then … there is the food and wine aspect: wines produced by the wineries we visit, cold cuts and cheeses produced on the territory from small producers who often raise or directly control the origin of the farms, bread of the local baker. All authentic, everything to know and to discover, very close to how it was produced many years ago, at zero km or a little more because for our producers there is another element of authenticity: they put their faces on … and very often their heart, too.

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