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In any sector, export is a business within a business. 

Setting up a sales activity abroad involves a series of:

  • evaluations;
  • investments;
  • plans;

which must be designed and pursued with determination.

What’s more, we are undergoing a time of total transformation and everything we know is destined to change in the coming months and years.

The wine fairs

Wine fairs originated in Europe at the end of the 1970s at the same time as the creation of the denominations of origin; wine began to be recognised for its territorial identity and it became important to create a space where the denominations could make their characteristics and vocations known to the public at large.

In recent years, international wine fairs have attracted a large number of visitors, also because of the many companies that present their own label at the fair. This means that it is not always easy for the latest arrivals on the market to get the visibility they deserve.  

In the meantime, digital technology has revolutionized the way we communicate, making it possible to communicate daily with partners who are far away. Moreover, the technology is constantly updated in order to provide us with new tools with which to reach potential partners all over the world.


Recently, after 75 peaceful years in Europe, a momentous event has been disrupting the lives of all citizens and will have inevitable consequences in terms of the way we work, travel and get together.  

This new situation will require a great effort of adaptation, but we will deal with it as man has always done throughout history: we will maximise the benefits and minimise the problems. 

Offer for the wineries

  • a strategic approach to the world of export tailor-made for the winery
  • a sales marketing service aimed at the export, together with a professional team to whom one can refer
  • the possibility of combining individual wineries with different denominations into a single common project
  • creating customised events to be shared by multiple wineries

Offer for the importers

  • a search service of wines and producers according to the importers’ needs by denomination, price range, packaging, etc.
  • “hidden gems”: what are they? Most importantly, where are they?
  • online presentations and tastings on specific topics related to Italian wine and territories


So, for both wineries and importers, it is a matter of tailor-made consulting based on individual needs and specific traits.

    Patrizia Marazzi Wine Tourism Wine Expert

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