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Patrizia Marazzi About me

My name is Patrizia Marazzi. I live on the western bank of Lake Garda, in the Lombardy region, and I deal with wine export and tourism.

I love nature, the outdoor life, alpine landscapes and uncrowded places

When it comes to people, I prefer to patiently build deep bonds that last over time, just like it happens during a wine tasting that must be experienced slowly, so as to discover a new nuance each time.

Nature has slow and measured rhythms, like the ripening of grapes and all agri-food products, and speeding things up does not help. Relationships with people, as far as I am concerned, follow this philosophy.

My origins

During my childhood and adolescence, I cultivated an urban dimension as I attended school in downtown Milan, but also a rural dimension during the summertime, with walks in the countryside, bicycle rides in the flat Po Valley, specifically in the region north of Mantua, with vegetable gardens to be watered, fields that smelled of melons and poppies to amaze us among tall spikes of wheat. 

My educational training began in a foreign languages high school geared to commercial studies, at the end of which I obtained a diploma as tour operator. Later on, I also obtained a German language diploma for foreigners.

My first work experience was with a publisher of magazines specialized in fashion and costume trends, after which I moved forward little by little in the world of communication agencies, always in the sector of clothing made by famous designers.

These were very stimulating years during which I did not get a chance to speak much in the foreign languages I learned at school but, on the other hand, I learned a lot about DTP, printing and advertising media planning.

Valuable notions that instilled in me a sensitivity for communication and which I continue to rely on when I have to prepare a presentation and want to convey clear and useful information.

The turning point

After working for about ten years in the advertising field, the need to be surrounded by meadows, fields and greenery became a priority. Leaving the countryside to return to Milan at the end of the weekend became increasingly difficult. The big city had begun to smother me, and I felt more and more comfortable when surrounded by nature, expanses of crops and rural areas with very few buildings.

It was at that point that I decided to leave the big city and move to the banks of the Garda Lake, with the aim of working in the tourism sector, thanks to my knowledge of foreign language. I still enjoy going into the city, but after spending half a day there I need to recharge my “batteries” in the countryside.

The wine

I started working with wine by chance in Moniga del Garda.  I was offered the opportunity to talk about wine to the tourists vacationing on Lake Garda. An unusual request at that time, since in 1998 no one was talking about wine tourism or storytelling and wine tastings consisted in quick presentations at the counter accompanied by a side serving of bread and local extra virgin olive oil. 

Today I would call it a “basic” tasting, anything but fancy, the only purpose being to provide guests a quick guide on which wines to buy and enjoy once home. The wine experience, as we know it now, was still a long way off and no one could have imagined the entrance of social media into our daily lives.

Although I was completely fascinated by it, understanding the world of wine was certainly not easy.

If I decided to stay and make that experience the job I would devote myself to, I realised that I would have had to adapt.
In 2007, I became a sommelier.

Two years earlier,  I started working with a Spanish company for large volumes. I worked with them until 2018 in the role of export manager. I assisted in the development of several markets, mainly Germany, Russia and Southeast Asia.

Constant training


In 2017, I participated in and passed the WSET Level 3

It is a professional training course in the world of wine, dedicated to the commercial world and distribution. It is much more focused on business than tasting, although it does not entirely neglect this aspect. For the WSET world, Italy represents an important productive reality, but obviously it is not the only one and competes together with all the other producing countries in the positioning of its products on the market. Looking at Italy with the eyes of a foreigner was a moment of significant professional growth that provided me with important keys that help me highlight what we are very good at and where, on the other hand, there is still a lot of room for improvement.

Thanks to this course, I am now able to better perceive how the world’s importers see us, when they are amazed by us and when, as it sometimes happens, they completely fail to understand us.

My experience of selling abroad, combined with my training and constant participation in professional refresher courses, now allows me to quickly understand the dynamics of the markets, the trends and opportunities for growth which are created for the various market segments and for the wineries. 


I am still working at promoting and selling wine.

My skills and my longstanding experience are now also available to wine lovers or wine tourists, to allow them to appreciate that which they are tasting in light of a newfound awareness.

How? By using a language they are able to understand and by offering them a first-hand experience in the territory where the wine is produced.

I like to tell stories, I try to do it “creating connections” with the world around us, with monuments and churches and with the history of our territory and the adjacent regions, because the exchange of goods, as well as of experiences, is the basis of every civilization.

In order to fully appreciate a specific wine, knowing the environment where it comes from helps to understand its characteristics almost as much as the tasting of the wine itself.

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